Try how nice socks can colour your day!


About Us

ULPIO-PLUS is a retailer and wholesaler of socks manufactured by well-known Polish and foreign companies. Being in this business since 1981 we gained experience and strong reputation among our long-term customers, who value our professional and friendly service, quick turnaround, timely deliveries and competitive prices.

High quality fabrics used for production ensure that our socks are durable, nice and being worn with pleasure. A full variety of colours, sizes and design are available for meeting everybody’s needs throughout all seasons of the year.

We continuosly enhance offering by new design and colours reflecting newest fashion trends and aiming to meet the always changing customers' requirements.

Why appropriate socks are so important? Usually we pay little or no attention to the hard work that our feet perform every day. Average person easily walks 3-times the equator during the lifespan. Every day we go to work, shopping, do sports. Our legs and feet are subject to fatigue, irritation and injuries. They constantly support our body, ready to take us wherever we want - with no days off! They surely deserve to be taken more care about. And it can be so easy - simply by choosing appropriate socks - so that our feet can breath, relax and enjoy comfort – and that we enjoy wearing them because they are comfortable and also look nice. And here we come - with our wide offering for everybody. Welcome to the world of socks!

Try how nice socks can colour your day!